Construction and bond litigators require extensive substantive knowledge, in addition to unique legal skills. Our attorneys bring to the practice group personal experiences in design considerations, construction situations, and risk management typically not possessed by litigators.

Those involved in litigating these issues have relationships with contractors and the trades aside from the litigation arena. We have participated as developers, builders, or remodelers of all types of structures including single-family homes, multiple family residential, assisted living homes, strip mall developments, restaurant design and construction, commercial office building, big box retail and industrial facilities. Some of these projects have involved significant subsurface issues, delay and disruption claims, as well as our direct involvement in project meetings.

We have combined these experiences with our insurance contract knowledge to form a strong construction and bond group allowing us to interpret and litigate relationships based on AIA contracts, manuscripted contracts, as well as performance and surety bonds. Moreover, our reputation among the trades and related professionals, including architects and engineers, allows us to communicate on a far more intimate level than typically found in the litigation arena. All this serves to expedite resolutions, oftentimes avoiding protracted litigation.

Most importantly, however, this substantive knowledge, along with extensive litigation experience, allows us to comfortably represent our clients in both the traditional courtroom settings, as well as the confining arena known as statutory or contractual arbitration. In fact, we are called on by litigants to act as mediators or arbitrators in this highly specialized arena. We have enjoyed consistent success because of our attitude, substantive knowledge, and litigation skills.