Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Data Protection


Today’s technology and electronic data dependent business environment makes every company a potential target for hackers. Cipriani & Werner’s attorneys understand this constant, complex threat that businesses face. Cyber security breaches can threaten a company’s financial stability, disrupt business operations and transactions, corrupt and restrict access to vital business information and provide hackers with personal identification and personal health related information.

As companies endeavor to keep up with the ever-changing technologies and regulations imposed upon them, our attorneys work diligently to keep abreast of new developments in this field in order to protect our clients’ businesses and reputations. Our clients benefit from the depth and breadth of our industry relationships, experience and responsiveness.

Cipriani & Werner’s Cybersecurity practice group is uniquely equipped to assist clients in the diverse and quickly evolving field of data privacy and information security liability. Our team works cooperatively with industry leading privacy and cyber security experts and technology firms to develop a coordinated, interdisciplinary approach to each matter confronting our clients. We draw on our attorneys’ experience in the insurance areas of professional liability, fidelity, health care, life sciences, mass tort and class action litigation, commercial and employment litigation to quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively defend our clients’ interests.

Our Cybersecurity practice group goes beyond assisting clients in their response to a breach or defending clients in the event of a breach, or non-compliance, related legal action. Our attorneys also work closely with companies to assist them in adequately securing and protecting sensitive information by developing and implementing corporate governance, cyber security practices, incident analysis protocols and response programs. Our extensive knowledge of privacy laws, government regulations and legal strategies enables us to position our clients to effectively protect their privileged data and corporate assets by providing risk management advice that reduces the risk of costly breaches and data loss.

From advising our clients on matters of compliance to leading them through the aftermath of a cyber-breach, Cipriani & Werner attorneys work with company management, Boards of Directors, outside vendors and government agencies to protect the interests of our clients.

You can reach our Breach Team 24/7 at 833-63-CYBER (833-632-9237).

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