Insurance Defense


Although Cipriani & Werner has grown into a firm with numerous practice areas, its roots are in the representation of insureds to the account of insurance companies. Within this very general heading, the firm’s attorneys provide representation to a wide range of clients - individuals accused of negligence (for example, automobile cases), corporations sued for negligence (for example, premises liability) or breach of contract/warranty or strict product liability, and professionals accused of malpractice. The experience of several of the firm’s attorneys in this work predates the existence of the firm.

Accordingly, the firm’s attorneys are well-versed in the unique requirements of insurance defense work. C&W attorneys strive to provide the insured/client with the complete legal defense to which they are entitled, and which is required by the case presented. At the same time, the attorneys are aware of the demands placed on insurance professionals regarding timely reporting and efficient claims handling. In dealing with both clients and claims handlers, the firm believes in a ’no surprises’ approach. Every attempt is made to provide early and accurate claim assessment, while at the same time careful watch is kept for changes in facts or in legal precedent that may alter the evaluation of the case. If desired by the insurer, budgets or other such litigation planning devices are utilized.

Cipriani & Werner, P.C. has never been a high volume/low overhead firm. It charges fair, competitive rates and will consider, in appropriate cases, alternative fee arrangements. More importantly to the ’bottom line,’ the firm controls costs by its internal continuity. Cases are assigned to the attorney with the proper mix of experience and ability. The firm does not hire a large number of associate attorneys whose job is to bill hours. The firm does not ’double-team’ or ’hand off’ cases to other attorneys. Where extra help or a change in personnel is required, this is discussed ahead of time - no surprises.

We find that this approach leads to client and insured satisfaction. We are proud to have maintained longstanding working relationships with many companies. We are proud that some clients who have been introduced to the firm through assignments from insurance companies have retained the firm’s attorneys after adopting a self-insured program, or when changing carriers have required Cipriani & Werner, P.C. to be used by the new carrier. We are also pleased that clients and carriers have recommended the firm to others in their field or industry. We intend to keep up the good work.

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