Labor Employment


Few businesses today remain untouched by the multitude of statutes and accompanying regulations pertaining to workplace conduct and relations. The United States Congress, every state legislature, and most municipal governing bodies, have all enacted laws calculated to ensure equal opportunity in the workplace, harassment-free work environments, and vindication of employee civil rights. In a very real sense, the government, at virtually every level, has become a partner with business owners in the management of the American workplace.

We provide legal advice on every issue arising in the employer-employee relationship to clients of all sizes, from Fortune 100 corporations to privately owned businesses with small workforces. Our clients are found in industries ranging from banking, health-care, manufacturing, construction and retail, to drilling, waste removal and resorts. With offices in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Scranton, the Firm’s labor/employment practice is statewide.

Within the labor/employment context, our areas of practice include occupational safety and health law, labor-management relations, unemployment compensation litigation, wrongful termination and civil rights litigation, and drafting and enforcing restrictive employment covenants. Additionally, we have represented clients’ interests in collective bargaining, labor arbitrations and union organizing campaigns. Our lawyers also have experience developing and implementing strike contingency plans. Moreover, our clients benefit from the close interaction between the Firm’s labor/employment lawyers and its workers’ compensation practice group, given the frequently complicated relationship between ADA, FMLA and workers’ compensation matters. Finally, some of our most important work involves counseling clients on employee terminations, layoffs and compliance with employment statutes and regulations in an effort to prevent employment disputes from escalating into full-blown litigation.