Cipriani & Werner, PC offers independent mediation services by attorneys who are both experienced in the law, as well as respected by their peers, a critical element for any positive resolution.  C & W mediators are trained, certified and approved by various mediation committees including those in state and federal court.  C&W mediators serve on several mediation and ADR committees.  We have attorneys who represent parties in mediation and as well as serving as mediators. 

What is Mediation?

Our mediators have experience in almost all areas of law and mediation can be appropriate in virtually any type of matter.  Mediation is usually a preferred method of resolving contested matters rather than protracted litigation.  Because mediation is voluntary and non-binding, it is quite often a more reasonable alternative to litigation and is generally much less expensive.    Because mediation is confidential, it has the added benefit of helping preserve existing relationships whether they are business or personal.  Additionally, many courts will refer matters to mediation or require mediation before a jury can be selected.

Cipriani & Werner has experienced mediators who serve in the Federal Mediation Program, bar association mediation programs and/or committees and other mediation programs.  Some of our mediators have decades of mediation experience.

If you need a mediator in any of the following disputes or other litigated matters please contact one of our mediators:

Employment Disputes
Personal Injury
Insurance matters
Family Law (Divorce, support or custody including grandparents’ rights)
Commercial cases
Real Estate

In addition to serving as mediators we have attorneys who are trained in and serve as arbitrators, parenting coordinators and lawyers who have been trained in collaborative law.  We also have attorneys who have experience in other ADR procedures (i.e. summary jury trials). 

Representative Clients