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Motor vehicle accident claims range from the simple “rear-ender” to the multi-car collision; from the typical “strain and sprain” soft tissue claims to claims involving spinal surgery and/or death; from third party claims to UIM/UM/first party claims to coverage claims. Cipriani & Werner has a long history representing its defendants and insurers in virtually every type of automobile accident claim and in every corner of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia. The firm’s extensive experience in this area enables its attorneys to determine best tactics and strategies to employ based on the facts of each claim. While not every case requires investigators, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical and/or medical experts, or surveillance personnel, when necessary, Cipriani & Werner knows how to maximize the use of each option.

Each office employs attorneys dedicated to the defense of automobile claims. They remain abreast of new, relevant Supreme and Superior Court decisions to insure that our clients have the benefit of the best representation available. We provide seminars and reference materials to our clients so that they stay well informed regarding legal developments in those geographical areas blanketed by our attorneys. We work hand-in-hand with claims professionals to aggressively, and economically, defend claims and bring them to conclusion in an efficient manner, whether that includes a pre-suit settlement or six-week trial.

As insurers know, automobile insurance policies pose numerous potential issues arising from policy interpretation, including who is an insured, priorities of recovery, and potential ramifications for failure to use precise language and format. Cipriani & Werner has dedicated coverage counsel well-versed in the intricacies of policy interpretation. Our attorneys have been involved in every facet of coverage analysis—from reviewing policy language to providing opinions as to whether particular case facts trigger the obligation to provide indemnity and defense, and litigating the issues if necessary. Our clients benefit from having Cipriani & Werner attorneys who are actively involved in the policy-drafting process. This provides the firm with unique insight that few firms can match.

Multiple offices across three states allow the firm’s attorneys to become a part of the local legal fabric, granting clients the benefit of our knowledge regarding each forum. In defending automobile claims, as in many other legal fields, knowing the judges, arbitrators, mediators, and opponents provides our firm with significant advantages which ultimately benefit the client. Combined with the number of attorneys within the firm who represent defendants in automobile claims, each attorney brings to bear local knowledge combined with state-wide experience to every case.

Cipriani & Werner attorneys partner with claims professionals to create a litigation plan at the very outset. That plan relies heavily on the firm’s philosophy of performing case evaluations early in the litigation cycle. Thereafter, the firm’s policy dictates continuous evaluation and periodic reporting so that everyone involved remains informed regarding case developments and how those developments affect the litigation plan. This allows for timely, intelligent decisions to attain the goals established in the plan.

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