Premises Liability

Practice Lead

The practice area of premises liability encompasses an array of legal claims that can be brought against retail establishments, restaurants and other types of property owners, and it is fair to say that Cipriani & Werner attorneys have “seen it all.” From the prototypical “slip and fall” case, to litigation involving falling merchandise; faulty escalators, elevators and sliding doors; tainted food; false imprisonment; premises security; and discrimination, the firm’s attorneys have successfully represented its clients’ interests in a variety of litigation. Our attorneys’ understanding of the law and the workings of the industry, along with the vast experience in the courtroom work together to provide clients with the best liability defense possible, no matter the factual scenario.

Premises liability litigation also involves the question of whether others—vendors, contractors or insurance carriers—may bear part or all of the responsibility for the allegations of wrong-doing being made in the litigation. Cipriani & Werner premises liability attorneys have analyzed hundreds of contractual agreements, including insurance agreements, to assist our clients in asserting claims for payment of defense costs, contribution, and full indemnification for amounts paid to the injured party, if any.

Expertise in defending against liability for harm forms only part of the skills necessary to successfully represent clients in premises litigation. A mastery of the medical complexities involved with a claimed injury and the knowledge of the tri-state area’s medical, vocational, and economic experts allow Cipriani & Werner attorneys to provide the best possible defense. The firm’s attorneys have defended clients in wrongful death claims and injury claims related to medically complex issues, including CRPS, alleged cognitive deficits, and neck and back dysfunction. Equally important, a complete and proficient understanding of the law of liability and damages allows this practice group to provide thoughtful and informed analysis to its clients to assist them in deciding whether to take a case to trial or to work towards resolution.

The ability to provide thoughtful analysis and to provide skillful defense at trial are the reasons why attorneys in Cipriani & Werner’s premises liability group are litigation counsel to some of the largest commercial retailers in the industry, including Federated Department Stores, Boscov’s, Big Lots, and Toys R Us. However, the firm not only represents major department stores and large retailers, but is proud to also represent small business owners who are faced with litigation. Cipriani & Werner attorneys are cognizant of issues unique to the retail industry, and providing comprehensive, expeditious, and cost-effective representation to our clients, both large and small, is our ultimate goal.