Product Liability


Manufacturers today face tremendous exposure due to the unpredictability of juries, which may likely apply the ’deep pocket’ theory of justice. Furthermore, Pennsylvania product liability law is reported to be one of the most liberal in the country. For example, a product may be considered to be defective if a safer reasonable alternative design could have been adopted at the time of sale, or if a product contained inadequate warnings. Thus, the manufacturer is always exposed to risk because new, safer reasonable alternatives continue to be introduced into the market place.
It is critical that manufacturers, suppliers and distributors retain appropriate advocates who can analyze and effectuate the legal defenses available; they must possess both the technical and litigation skills needed in this area.

Cipriani & Werner, P.C. has represented products liability clients successfully since its inception. Many of these cases have significant verdict values given the types of injuries which can occur when a product is misused, abused or substantially changed.

Examples of these cases which were successfully litigated include:

  • flammable fabrics claim;
  • failure to warn of the danger of death caused by huffing butane;
  • ATV rollover;
  • battery explosion;
  • multiple construction equipment and machine design defects cases,
  • deficient warning cases involving combustibles,
  • toxics,
  • prosthetics,
  • plant safety issues and
  • defective design of sporting goods such as ski bindings, bicycles, and safety equipment.

Our firm stands ready to provide the critical analysis and advice necessary to appropriately and aggressively defend our clients.