Professional Licensure


Few things can cause a professional greater consternation then contact from the state agency charged with overseeing matters of discipline and licensure of the field in which the professional practices. Pennsylvania operates twenty-nine professional and occupational licensing boards and commissions, roughly broken down into general business related (accountants, real estate agents, funeral directors, etc.) and health related (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) occupations and professions. Each Board or Commission may have unique and divergent rules, regulations and methods of oversight and enforcement. The hearing process is administrative, thus distinctly different from the more widely known and understood process in the courts.

Cipriani & Werner’s attorneys have experience in dealing with the enforcement arm of many of the Boards and Commissions. Our Harrisburg office gives us a local presence in the State Capital, where many of the hearings and proceedings are held. More importantly, however, is the objective analysis and assistance the Firm’s attorneys can provide to a professional faced with a frightening threat to one’s livelihood. Where necessary, we are prepared to provide the aggressive legal representation in hearings and appeals that are often necessary in such cases.